Whether you eat or drink...

Whether you eat or drink...

  Elizabeth Wilhoit
  Wheaton College
  Wheaton, IL
  Multiple Practices

What was the purpose of your project?

The need we wanted to address was how to make discerning food choices in a way that honors God, other people, and the earth.
What did you do?

The project consisted of a 7-week series of conversations over dinner for a group of Christian college students. The dinners followed the Just Eating? curriculum, available from the PCUSA. Each week had a different theme . Over the seven weeks we discussed food as sacrament, nutrition, hunger, the environment, and creating community.
What difference did your project make for participants?

Participants began to think in a different way about food. We all became far more mindful and prayerful about where our food comes from, who prepares it, and what is affected. We were especially inspired as a group to create community with food. We formed a community through the project, and we all wish to continue that practice with others.
What did you discover or learn that most surprised you?

The most surprising thing we learned was that we really have power to take action. We all knew this in our heads, but found that we can really make changes in our eating that make a big difference to our world. Sharing these ideas with others and affecting change in them is not as difficult as we might have thought either.
What did you learn that you would like to share with others?

God cares about all of our actions and examining how we live, even for the small things. Rethinking all our choices is a beneficial spiritual practice. Participants in this project began to see the joy in trying to follow God in all things and the beauty and love that exist in his commandments.

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