The Library contains essays, study guides, sermons, and other items that explore the concepts on which Practicing our Faith is based and treat different aspects of specific practices. You are invited to search, read, and print these materials without charge.

Createdsort icon Title Approach Author Practice
02/28/2012 Practicing a Way of Life in and for the World Colleges & Universities Dorothy Bass and Susan Briehl Multiple Practices
08/18/2011 The Teaching Church: First United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL and Huntingdon College Intern Program Partnership Colleges & Universities Nathan Attwood Multiple Practices
05/15/2011 The Fourth Commandment and the Tenth: Keeping Sabbath in Consumer Culture Congregations Dorothy Bass Keeping Sabbath
03/20/2011 Living as community, then and now Sermon Dorothy Bass Shaping Communities
05/13/2010 Conversation about Accompany Them With Singing Practical Theology Thomas Long and Craig Dykstra Dying Well
03/03/2010 Ethnography and Pastoral Wisdom Literature Practical Theology Ted Smith Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Building up the Christian Body Practical Theology Amy Plantinga Pauw Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Practical Look at Needs of Scholarship Practical Theology James Nieman Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Needs of Pastoral Leaders to Shape Communities Practical Theology Stephen Lewis Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Vision for Theological Research and Scholarship Practical Theology Dirk Lange Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Remarks on Scholarship Practical Theology Kathleen Cahalan Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Three Decades as a Parish Pastor Ministry William Hathaway Dying Well
03/03/2010 Reflections of African American Funeral Traditions Ministry Eustacia Moffett-Marshall Dying Well
03/03/2010 Christian Funerals and Forgiveness Ministry Don Richter Forgiveness
03/03/2010 The Place of Dying in the Whole of a Christian Life Ministry Frederick Niedner Dying Well
03/03/2010 Christian Century Letters to Editor Defining Practices Thomas Long Dying Well
01/28/2010 Honoring The Body Study Guide Study Guide Stephanie Paulsell Honoring the Body
01/28/2010 Money Enough Study Guide Study Guide Robert Johnson & Doug Hicks Household Economics
01/05/2010 An Unexpected Welcome? Practice essays Marilyn Borst Hospitality
12/15/2009 On Our Way Study Guide Study Guide Susan R. Briehl, Enuma Okoro and Don C. Richter
Honoring the Body
Household Economics
Shaping Communities
Singing Our Lives
What are Practices?
11/30/2009 An Invitation - On Our Way Colleges & Universities Dorothy C. Bass Multiple Practices
11/11/2009 Weaving Hospitality Sermon Thomas Blair Hospitality
11/11/2009 Taking Sabbath Seriously Sermon Thomas Blair Keeping Sabbath
11/11/2009 Discerning and Deciding Sermon Thomas Blair Discernment
11/11/2009 Forgiveness Sermon Thomas Blair Forgiveness

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