The Library contains essays, study guides, sermons, and other items that explore the concepts on which Practicing our Faith is based and treat different aspects of specific practices. You are invited to search, read, and print these materials without charge.

Createdsort icon Title Approach Author Practice
10/20/2003 Do You Want to Be Made Well? Sermon Lorraine Brugh Healing
10/20/2003 Being Healed Sermon Kimberly Clayton Healing
10/20/2003 About the Nine Sermon Theodore J. Wardlaw Healing
10/20/2003 Dying Early, Dying Well Sermon James Bachman Dying Well
10/20/2003 Unless a Grain of Wheat... Sermon Paul Rohde Dying Well
10/20/2003 Dying Well Sermon Albert G. Butzer III Dying Well
10/20/2003 Singing Our Lives Sermon Jen Baker Singing Our Lives
10/20/2003 Singing Our Lives Sermon Butzer & Stoneberg
10/20/2003 Singing Changes Things Sermon Kimberly Clayton Singing Our Lives
10/17/2003 To Make the Wounded Whole Sermon Kenneth Carter Healing
10/14/2003 The Spiritual Formation of Young People Youth & Practices Richter & Schier Multiple Practices
10/14/2003 Christian Practices and Congregational Education in Faith Congregations Bass & Dykstra What are Practices?
09/29/2003 What is a Christian practice? Defining Practices Dorothy Bass What are Practices?
07/01/2003 Embodied, But Not Merely Bodies Sermon Thomas Kennedy Honoring the Body
07/01/2003 Discernment Sermon Margaret Franson
07/01/2003 You Are What You Own? Colleges & Universities Theodore J. Wardlaw Testimony
07/01/2003 Come and See Sermon Albert G. Butzer III Testimony
07/01/2003 Testimony Sermon Fred A. Niedner, Jr.
07/01/2003 Unwrapping the Gift of Sabbath Sermon John W. Sonnenday Keeping Sabbath
07/01/2003 Keeping Sabbath Sermon Louise Williams
07/01/2003 Resting in God's Promises Sermon Thelma Megill-Cobbler Keeping Sabbath
07/01/2003 Saying Yes & Saying No Sermon Joanna Adams Saying Yes & Saying No
07/01/2003 Saying Yes & Saying No Sermon Albert G. Butzer III Saying Yes & Saying No
06/30/2003 Saying Yes & Saying No Sermon Alan Harre
06/30/2003 Jubilee Sermon Terry Fretheim Household Economics

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