The Library contains essays, study guides, sermons, and other items that explore the concepts on which Practicing our Faith is based and treat different aspects of specific practices. You are invited to search, read, and print these materials without charge.

Createdsort icon Title Approach Author Practice
01/16/2004 Do Strange Things Sermon Martin Copenhaver What are Practices?
01/16/2004 Entertain Angels Sermon Martin Copenhaver Hospitality
12/06/2003 Sabbath Essays Practice essays Robert Kruschwitz Keeping Sabbath
12/05/2003 Sabbath Study Guide Study Guide Robert Kruschwitz Keeping Sabbath
12/05/2003 Forgiveness Study Guide Study Guide Robert Kruschwitz Forgiveness
12/05/2003 Forgiveness Essays Practice essays Robert Kruschwitz Forgiveness
12/05/2003 Giving Gifts Sermon Nancy Willbanks Multiple Practices
12/05/2003 How Technology is Affecting Faith Practice essays Kenneth Carter What are Practices?
12/05/2003 Receiving the Lord Sermon Gerard Braun Hospitality
12/05/2003 Hospitality, Hometown Style Sermon Elaine Lange Hospitality
12/05/2003 Congregational Health Ministries Congregations Tom Pruski Healing
10/23/2003 Exploring Christian Practices Guide Study Guide Dorothy Bass What are Practices?
10/23/2003 Eighth Grade Mentor Ministry Youth & Practices Jeremy Myers Multiple Practices
10/21/2003 The Manna Life Sermon Dorothy Bass Sharing Food
10/21/2003 Getting to the Heart of Our Stories Sermon Dorothy Bass Testimony
10/20/2003 Way to Live Leader's Guide Study Guide Bass, Briehl & Richter Multiple Practices
10/20/2003 Making Room Study Guide Study Guide Pohl & Buck Hospitality
10/20/2003 Practicing Our Faith Study Guide Study Guide Dorothy Bass Multiple Practices
10/20/2003 Receiving the Day Study Guide Study Guide Dorothy Bass Keeping Sabbath
10/20/2003 Bread Rises! Sermon Michael Cobbler Shaping Communities
10/20/2003 Status: Delinquent Sermon Amy Plantinga Pauw Shaping Communities
10/20/2003 When All Might Listen As One Sermon Theodore J. Wardlaw Shaping Communities
10/20/2003 Bearing Good Fruit Sermon Susan Bachman Forgiveness
10/20/2003 The Awkward Dance of Forgiveness Sermon Angela Janssen Forgiveness
10/20/2003 Forgiveness Sermon Joanna Adams

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