The Library contains essays, study guides, sermons, and other items that explore the concepts on which Practicing our Faith is based and treat different aspects of specific practices. You are invited to search, read, and print these materials without charge.

Created Titlesort icon Approach Author Practice
02/26/2004 "Get a Life" Camper Booklet Camp Curriculum Multiple Practices
02/26/2004 "Get a Life" Counselor Manual Camp Curriculum Multiple Practices
02/26/2004 "Got Faith?" Summer Camp Curriculum Camp Curriculum Multiple Practices
01/16/2006 "Live the Story" Camp Curriculum Camp Curriculum Hayes & Oelschlager Multiple Practices
07/22/2005 A Cup of Justice Practice essays Karla Kauffman Household Economics
06/30/2003 A Flood of Hospitality Sermon Kristine Carlson Hospitality
10/30/2004 A Song to Sing Study Guide Study Guide Susan Briehl Singing Our Lives
08/26/2004 A Tale of Two Tables Practice essays Amanda Musterman Honoring the Body
10/16/2006 A Way of Life in the World Study Guide Study Guide Kenneth Carter Multiple Practices
01/10/2005 A Way to Live: The Shape of Christian Existence Defining Practices Trudy Bush What are Practices?
10/20/2003 About the Nine Sermon Theodore J. Wardlaw Healing
04/06/2009 Acting in Faith Peace & Justice Andrew VanStee Shaping Communities
11/30/2009 An Invitation - On Our Way Colleges & Universities Dorothy C. Bass Multiple Practices
01/05/2010 An Unexpected Welcome? Practice essays Marilyn Borst Hospitality
01/05/2006 Anathoth Community Garden Practice essays Fred Bahnson Household Economics
10/20/2003 Bearing Good Fruit Sermon Susan Bachman Forgiveness
06/30/2003 Being Content Sermon Roger Livdahl Household Economics
10/20/2003 Being Healed Sermon Kimberly Clayton Healing
10/20/2003 Bread Rises! Sermon Michael Cobbler Shaping Communities
03/03/2010 Building up the Christian Body Practical Theology Amy Plantinga Pauw Multiple Practices
05/03/2004 Children Re-Visioning the Table Children & Practices Cheryl Magrini Sharing Food
02/13/2004 Children's Books: Bibliography Children & Practices Carol Plaehn Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Christian Century Letters to Editor Defining Practices Thomas Long Dying Well
09/20/2004 Christian Ethics, Christian Practice Course syllabus Ted Smith Multiple Practices
03/03/2010 Christian Funerals and Forgiveness Ministry Don Richter Forgiveness

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