Faith Formation in Christian Practices

Faith Formation in Christian Practices

  John Roberto
  LifelongFaith Associates
  Multiple Practices

What was the purpose of your project?

The Faith Formation in Christian Practices Project seeks to empower and equip, encourage and support individuals and households at every stage of the life cycle to integrate Christian practices into everyday life, so that they become an integral way of life for people today.
What did you do?

The Project has 1) created two books, Living Well: Christian Practices for Everyday Life (for individuals and families) and the Living Well Children''s Workbook,2) developed educational programs and tools for churches available at, and 3) conducted training programs for congregational leaders.
What difference did your project make for participants?

This initial work has provided resources and tools for helping congregations make faith formation in Christian practices an integral element of their curriculum and programming, and provided the two resources for in-home faith formation in Christian practices.
What did you discover or learn that most surprised you?

We discovered the importance of helping congregations discover the Christian practices already embedded in church life; providing leaders with the tools and resources for developing educational strategies and programs on the Christian practices; and having resources for them to use at church and at home to form people in the Christian practices.
What did you learn that you would like to share with others?

We are collecting and publishing reports of congregational initiatives online at You can also get information on ordering the two books, as well as free learning activities on the twelve Christian practices at

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