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Revised Edition: Practicing Our Faith

The second, revised edition of Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People with a new preface, two new chapters, and a study guide included.

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Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens

Like its parent book Practicing Our Faith, this book advocates a set of Christian practices that are crucial to human well-being and that, together, shape a life well lived. 

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Our library offers many study guides that you might find useful.

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On Our Way:

Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life

Written for emerging adults, this book explores twelve practices particularly applicable to persons in their 20s.

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Nearly as valuable as the books themselves, these guides include chapter-by-chapter suggestions and ideas for discussion, exploring scripture, meditation and prayer, activities, and other resources for engaging Christian practices together for the sake of the world.

On Our Way Study Guide

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